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FSC Youth

The young people of today will shape the future.  It is important that they learn to respect themselves, others, and the world around them.  To work hard.  Manage and use resources wisely.  To think before they act, and be responsible for their actions.

Hunting and fishing, along with other outdoor activities provide wholesome, healthy fun. When young people are introduced to the sports by responsible adults, they learn more than just the basic skills involved in harvesting fish and other game, or hitting a target with a bow or firearm. They learn to be patience, quiet, and observant.  To concentrate, and think ahead to the result of their actions.  To function with others as a team.  Appreciate the world around them, and see how there actions impact others.

In short they will become better citizens, and those that mentor them will have learned much as well. Both will enjoy the time spent together, while forming lasting bonds of friendship and camaraderie.

In our busy lives, the value of time spent in the woods or on the water, alone or with others, is immeasurable. Treasure every minute and share it with others.

The club participates in the Youth Turkey Hunt and the Youth Pheasant Hunt each year. More information on these programs can be found at the Mass Divison of Fisheries and wildlife website. Contact the Board of Directors if you have a child that may be interested in participating in one or both of these programs. If you are an adult willing to mentor a youth Turkey or Pheasant Hunter please let Contact the Board regarding voulunteer opportunities.

      Previous FSC Youth Events

Youth Turkey Hunt
April 27, 2013

The Massachusetts Youth Turkey Hunting Program is a partnership program between the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife), the Massachusetts State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (MA NWTF) and the Fitchburg Sportsmen's Club. The program is designed to provide young hunters ages 12-17 an opportunity to:

  1. Learn how to properly handle and shoot a shotgun for turkey hunting;
  2. Participate in a field workshop that provides specialized training in turkey hunting and safety, and
  3. Hunt wild turkey under the supervision and guidance of a safe, experienced adult hunter serving as a mentor on a special day set aside just for youth.
Youth Turkey Hunt flyer

September 19, 2010

Kids Day was held on Sept 19th with Tom Ricardi of the Massachusetts Bird of Prey Rehabilitation Facility as the presenter of a fine live bird program. Featured birds included the Great Horned Owl, Kestral, Peregrine Falcon, Turkey Vulture, Redtail Hawk and a Golden Eagle. He explained that the habitat and habits of each bird with visual aids and allowing the children to see them up Close.The Golden Eagle and Turkey vulture with their wide wing spans impressed all with the Size of these birds and the Great Horned Owl showed it could turn its head only 180 Degrees, Not completely around.The Kestral, which is a bird native to Mass, is very small and it tends to an herbal diet. The Peregrine Falcon only hunts birds in flight and can attain speeds of 200 MPH. The presentation included questions and answers and concluded with a fine round of Applause for Mr. Ricardi. Pizza and Soda were served afterward.

May 16, 2010

Kid's Fishing Derby was held on May 16, 2010. There were 37 boys and 19 girls that registered. The weather was sunny and cool and 137 trout were caught. Prizes included gift cards to Dick's Sporting Goods. 


        First Place: Casey Landry (13 1/4" Rainbow)
        Second Place: Makenzie MacDonald (12 3/4" Rainbow) 
        Third Place: Hollie Shattuck (12 3/4" Rainbow)


        First Place: Austin Shook (13 1/4" Rainbow)
        Second Place: Tanner Dumas (13 1/4" Rainbow)
        Third Place: Cole Archenboult (13 1/4" Rainbow)


Respectfully submitted,

Leo Ross


    May 2009 Kids Fishing Derby

    2008 Youth Pheasant Hunt

     August 2006 Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp


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