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Descriptions and History

There are many good descriptions of hunting and the following are a few excerpts from one found on Wikipedia. Be sure to go to Wikipedia for the complete description which includes history, religion, national tradition, US hunting, wildlife management and methods.


"Hunting is the practice of pursuing living animals (usually wildlife ) for food , recreation, or trade. In present-day use, the term refers to lawful hunting, as distinguished from poaching , which is the killing, trapping or capture of the hunted species contrary to law. The species which are hunted are referred to as game and are usually large or small mammals or  migratory or non-gratory game birds."

Hunting With Dogs

"Although various animals have been used to aid the hunter, none has been as important as the dog. The domestication of the dog has led to a symbiotic relationship in which the dog has lost its evolutionary independence to man in exchange for support."

"Dogs today are used to find, chase and retrieve game and sometimes to kill it.  Hunting dogs allow man to pursue and kill prey that would otherwise be very difficult or dangerous to hunt."

Modern sport hunting

"In time, hunting came to be seen as a sporting activity. Ultimately, the rising middle class  or bourgeoisie adopted the practice and retained its image."

"Although recreational hunters may choose to be selective hunters, many people hunt to enjoy the outdoors. Others enjoy game as an alternative to store bought meat."

"Some recreational hunters contributed to the modern environmental conservation  movement.  Aldo Leopold, John Muir, and Teddy Roosevelt , who spent some of their outdoor recreation time hunting, became the founding fathers of the modern Conservation movement."

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